Rate Information


Bronze Plan | $599.00 Per Month

Ten Hours of Service Each Month

Our starter package offers 10 hours of service that will help in any way you see fit. If it's just a few short errands or basic administrative support, we can get a lot done for you in 10 hours to make your life manageable!

Silver Plan | $1,099.00 Per Month

Twenty Hours of Service Each Month 

Need more than just the small stuff? We can help clear out the clutter if you have to need to keep your closets organized, or mail in order. This may help you stay organized. 

Gold Plan | $1,899.00 Per Month

Forty Hours of Service Each Month 

Offering the best value for your budget, we can help keep your house clean! Walk your pets! Escorting you to your appointments. Run your errands! Giving your elderly parents companionship and much more! 

Pay As You Go

If you have commitment issues don't worry! You can pay as you go! The hourly rate is $65.00 and is billed in minimum two hour increments. The time spent on your projects is tracked by 15 minute increments. There is a 20% gratuity and 7% service fee added to all invoices.

How To Get Things Done

You can text us any of your requests to 215.272.8555. Our concierge service can arrange for anything from an errand runner to a private jet. We know how to get things done in Wayne, Bryn Mawr and Beyond!

One Call Away

Reaching us by phone is always an option, we are available 24/7. Call 215.272.8555 for assistance.