Natalia Sara Alkurdi

With over seventeen years in the service industry I decided to pair up my  experience and resources to bring to life the magical Genies On Demand! I have a BA in Accounting, Licensing in Real Estate, Interior Decorating, Insurance, and much more. I am proud of the team I have developed who will assist in all of your needs. We have everything available to our clients, in person or virtually, Babysitters, Pet Sitters, Limousine Services, Personal Shoppers, Interior Decorators, Travel Planning, Doctors, Accountants and much more in Wayne.

Our team looks forward to being of assistance!

Client Feedback


I appreciate the dependable services that I receive, my life is much more organized and on track!

-Stella Warner, Villanova

Travel Easy

Don't know what I would do without Sara and her team, thanks for cooriindating our travel needs. 

-Anita Feldman, Merion

Personal Shopping

 I love and appreciate the attention to detail when I ask for an assistant to go shopping for me, at first I was skeptical wondering if they would get it right, but they do a great job every time! 

-Barbara Heinz, Philadelphia

Social Media Marketing

 I used to waste so much time making posts on Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, etc. I finally feel like I have a professional feed going and a great Social Media presence. I am very pleased with the results. They’re directory management also really makes a huge difference in my business. 

-Inez Rivera, Wynnewood

Household Help

 From maintaining my wardrobe, babysitting, cleaning, lawn care, I seriously do feel like I have a personal Genie. Its so simple to get things done. I almost feel like I have to much time on my hands! 

-Regina and Tom Felder, Audobon

Office Assistant

My business has the busy days and slow days, being able to forward my calls to a virtual assistant who can handle taking calls and directing the calls I want to take to me is amazing, I save on office personal and only pay when I need the services.

-Bill Handler, Wayne